Corbula amurensis

Threats Status

Unwanted Organism

Common Name(s)

Asian clam


Asian clam is a highly tolerant species and occurs on brackish waters and estuaries (clay, mud, sand or peat substrate). They are subtidal and buried in large clumps in the sediment exposing 1/3-2/3 of their shell. They feed on phyto- and zooplankton.


Asian clam have two valves with unequal size and shape and are grey-white to tan on colour.

Similar Species

Similar to New Zealand native species, such as Basket shell (Corbula zelandica), Surf clam (Maorimactra ordinaria), Surf clam (Mactra tristis)

Threat To Plants

COnsumption of phyto- and zooplankton may alter parine community dynamics and ecosystem processes.


Length: 2-3cm

Reason For Introduction

Accidentally in ship ballast water