Macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus

Common Name(s)

Bennetts wallaby




Bennett s wallaby inhabit forest margin, or ‘edge’, habitats where they can find shelter and access to grassland. They feed on grasses and herbs, mainly clover and hawksweed.


Bennetts wallabies are the largest wallabies in New Zealand. Their coat is greyish-brown with reddish-brown shoulders and a distinct black nose and paws, and white stripe on the upper lip.

Similar Species

Macropus dorsali, Macropus eugenii eugenii, Macropus parma, Petrogale penicillata and Wallabia bicolour

Threat To Plants

Regonised as pasture pest in 1940s (compete with sheep for pasture); browsing of palatable species which may alter the vegetation composition and regeneration of these species


Hunters Hills near Waimate; also Kakahu Forest and Pioneer Park


Height: 0.8m, weight <20kg

Year Introduced


Reason For Introduction


Colonisation History

First introduced to New Zealand to Christchurch in the 1870s by Captain Thomson and further species (possibly from the Christchurch area) were released near Waimate (eastern Hunter Hills) in 1874. They soon extended their range up to an elevation of 2000m to include the Albury, Grampian, Kirkliston and Two Thumb ranges