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  1. Description:

    Lists compiled by Wellington Botanical Society on 7 June 2014 during a four-hour reconnaissance. Korokoro Stream - track along true left branch, from the north end of Stratton Street to grid reference c. 584406, near where the track leaves the valley floor and begins to climb towards Middle Ridge.

    Author: Wellington Botanic Society
    Date: 7 Jun 2014
  2. Description:

    Combined list compiled from the following sources:

    1. C Ogle. 1970-80s era.

    2. Hanford, P., Ravine, D., Hulme-Moir, A. May 2012; Restoration Plan for Muri Bush, Pukerua Bay. P A Hanford & Associates Ltd, Paekakariki.

    3. Ted Coats and Cath Pearson.

    4. J C Horne, 28.8.2013, 2-hour reconnaissance.

    5. P Enright, 7.9.2013, 5.5 hours, listing round the tracks and in the wetland; 26.10.2013, 3 hours.

    6. Wellington Botanical Society and M Heine, 2.11.2013, 4 hours.

    Author: Wellington Botanical Society and others
    Date: 2 Nov 2013
  3. Description:

    Lists of indigenous plants and birds prepared by P. Enright, T. Silbery on 26.4.2008, during a 4.5-hour visit (Enright & Silbery list no. 5a). Additions to these lists made by Wellington Botanical Society on 30.11.13 during a 4-hour reconnaissance from the Visitor Centre, around the Bush Walk loop, via the lookout and redwoods, and lists of adventive plants and birds prepared.

    Author: Pat Enright and Tony Silbery and Wellington Botanic Society
    Date: 26 Apr 2008
  4. Description:

    Lists compiled by Lesley Barnes in June 2004. Additions made by Wellington Botanical Society during a 1.5-hour reconnaissance on 2.8.2008.Taxonomic updates 14.1.14.

    Author: Lesley Barnes and Wellington Botanic Society
    Date: 14 Jan 2014
  5. Description:

    New Zealand Indigenous Vascular Plant Checklist (2010). Peter de Lange and Jeremy Rolfe. New Zealand Plant Conservation Network: Wellington.

    Date: [Unknown]
  6. Description:

    A list of all plants seen between road and high tide mark,
    5.11.81. Amended 30.06.82 .
    C.C. Ogle, Wildlife Service, Department of Internal Affairs,

    Author: C.C. Ogle
    Date: 30 Jun 1982
  7. Description: List compiled 22/09/01 and updated 04/05/02, 11/01/12, 01/09/12. File size 142 kb.
    Author: B. J. Mitcalfe, J. C. horne, P. Waddington, J. R. Rolfe, Wellington Botanical Society, Friends of Horoeka St Reserve
    Date: 31 Oct 2012
  8. Description: Checklist of the vascular taxa of Mount Te Aroha. 1988. (NZMS 260 T13526 039; 12 m-953 asl) Based on visits in March 1987 (M.R Boase), and September 1987 (Rotorua Botanical Society) and on the publications of Adams (1885), Gudex (1963), Bartlett (1984) and Druce elal. (1982). Additions by M.C. Smale, P.J. de Lange and A Garrick. File size 113K.
    Author: M.R. Boase and S.M. Beadel
    Date: [Unknown]
  9. Description: Plant Checklist for Ca. Tapuae-o-nuku, between Awatere and Clarence Valleys, Inland Kaikoura Range (supplement to 111). Prepared by Tony Druce. Druce list number: 111a. Gridref.: S42, 6911, 7399. Date: 1992. File size: 147K.
    Author: Tony Druce
    Date: [Unknown]
  10. Description: Plant Checklist for Lakes Kohangatera and Kohangapiripiri, to Baring Head, S Wellington coast. Prepared by Tony Druce. Druce list number: 127. Gridref.: N164, 425, 115. Date: 1975. File size: 122K.
    Author: Tony Druce
    Date: [Unknown]
  11. Description: Plant Checklist for Mount Karioi coast, SW of Raglan, Waikato. Prepared by Tony Druce. Druce list number: 128. Gridref.: N64, 2328, 5374. Date: 1985. File size: 168K.
    Author: Tony Druce
    Date: [Unknown]
  12. Description: This is a list of New Zealand's threatened and uncommon vascular plant species (based on the 2009 listing). File size: 180K
    Author: NZPCN
    Date: 1 Dec 2010
  13. Description: Plant checklist for Koitiata (Turakina Beach). Checklist updated 5 October 2010. Previous versions: A P Druce, Botany Division, DSIR June 1975 (last revised July 1988) (based on visits 1967, 1975, 1993); C C Ogle (22 Forres St Wanganui), G La Cock (Department of Conservation, Wanganui) (additions: 5 Dec 1991, 19 April 1993, 28 June 1993, 22 Oct 1996; 1 March 2000); Wanganui Botanical Group (30 January 1993, 5 March 1995; 2 Sep 2006); CCO, GLC, V McGlynn & Laurel Stowell (14 Sep 2007); CCO & GLC (5 Oct 2010). File size: 152kb.
    Author: Colin Ogle
    Date: [Unknown]
  14. Description: Plant checklist for Gordon Park Scenic Reserve, Wanganui. Checklist updated 12 October 2010. List originally compiled by Wanganui Museum Botanical Group on visits 6.10.68, 9.7.70 (either or both the 1st two dates with N Simpson, AP Druce, J Liddell, A King & others), 24.11.92; 1.5.04; 30.11.04 and numerous visits by C C Ogle from January 1990. Numerous additions from inaugural workday of Friends of Gordon Park on 4 Nov. 06 and later in 2006 and through 2007–2010. File size: 1.3 Mb.
    Author: Colin Ogle
    Date: [Unknown]
  15. Description: Plant Checklist for Cape Palliser, southern Wairarapa (Ngawi-Ngapotiki). Prepared by Tony Druce. Druce list number: 12. Gridref.: N168, 804, 903. Date: 1991. File size: 1.4MB.
    Author: Tony Druce
    Date: [Unknown]
  16. Description: Plant checklist for Hauturu. File size: 29K
    Author: Peter de Lange and Theo de Lange
    Date: [Unknown]
  17. Description: Plant checklist for Whakapapa Island Scenic Reserve. File size 32 KB
    Author: Mike Steenhauer & Robyn Whyman, Alana Lawrence & Mike Steenhauer
    Date: [Unknown]
  18. Description: Plant checklist for Waituhi Kuratau Scenic Reserve including Kuratau clearing. File size 46KB
    Author: A.P.Druce, N.J.D. Singers, Rotorua Botanical Group
    Date: [Unknown]
  19. Description: Plant checklist for lower Waimarino River terraces, and middle valley (part of Waiotaka Ecological Area and Kaimanawa Forest Park. File size 35 KB
    Author: Nick Singers
    Date: [Unknown]
  20. Description: Plant checklist for Taurewa. The species list was compiled from the “quarry” at the end of Kapoor’s road to the approximate summit of Taurewa. File size 31 KB
    Author: Sarah Beadel, Nick Singers and James Bibby
    Date: [Unknown]
  21. Description: Plant checklist for Tongariro National Park. This species list has been taken from the following; Second approximation. May 1971. I.A.E Atkinson Additions and corrections − A.P. Druce, June 1973, April 1974, August 1974, February 1975, July 1975, October 1975, July 1976, May 1977, March 1978, June 1979, July 1980, January 1981, February 1982, October 1983, February 1984, July 1984, November 1984. • Nomelacture corrections by C.R. Bayler 1999. Additions by N.J.D. Singers, 1998 to 2004. File size 114KB
    Author: Ian Atkinson, A.P. Druce and Nick Singers
    Date: [Unknown]
  22. Description: Plant checklist for Tokaanu Geothermal Reserve, Tokaanu. File size 18KB
    Author: Peter de Lange and Sarah Beadel
    Date: [Unknown]
  23. Description: Plant checklist for Tirohanga Scenic Reserve. File size 31KB
    Author: Nick Singers and R. Whyman
    Date: [Unknown]
  24. Description: Plant checklist for Stump Bay Conservation Area and Recreation Reserve. File size 28KB
    Author: Nick Singers
    Date: [Unknown]
  25. Description: Plant checklist for Rangitaiki Conservation Area. This species list incorporates all vascular plants in the Rangitaiki Conservation Area divided into 2 broad habitat types; Rangitaiki Frostflat and Te Papa mire communities. The original species list was created by Jan M. Allen and Michele R. Frank, Feb 1993 with additions and abundance rankings from N.J.D. Singers 1998-2006. Additions have been entered from herbarium records and from “Ephemeral wetlands and their turfs in New Zealand” 2003 (Johnson. P. and Rogers G.: Science for Conservation 230). A.P. Druce also encompassed this area with a list for a wider area, Kaingaroa Plains, List 62. File size 34KB
    Author: Jan Allen, Michelle Frank and Nick Singers
    Date: [Unknown]
  26. Description: Plant checklist for Rangataua Conservation Area. This list is accumulative and encompasses the area from the main trunk railway line to the round the mountain track at approximately 1300m a.s.l. File size 34KB
    Author: Wellington Botanical Society and Rotorua Botanical Society
    Date: [Unknown]
  27. Description: Plant checklist for Pukepoto Conservation Area. File size 33KB
    Author: Nick Singers and Steve Deverell
    Date: [Unknown]
  28. Description: Plant checklist for Poronui Ranch. Visits were made to the edge of Poronui Ranch’s red/silver beech forest remnant (E2797733; N6237156) at the head of the Otupua Stream on the south side of the Wharetoto Range and a small forest remnant surrounding a wetland oxbow of the Taharua River (E2794347; N6238088).File size 24KB
    Author: Rotorua Botanical Society
    Date: 1 Feb 2007
  29. Description: Plant checklist for Kaimanawa Forest Park. Individual species lists for specific locations include; 1. Western parts of park, hardwood forest. Waimarino River terraces, part of Ecological Area (N. Singers, 12/1999 File:TONCO8722;9438). 2. Southern parts of park, mountain beech forest. Original list compiled from Ecology Stream Ecological Area (S. Deverell et. al. 1/2000. File:TONCO 87722;12509). 3. Waipakihi River (S. Lund 1/2001 with additions by N.Singers 4/2003, 3/2005, 12th;15th/4/2005, ). 4. Alpine areas (S. Lund 1/2002 with additionas by N.Singers 3/2005 File:TONCO 8722;39177). 5. Tussock grassland areas in southwestern part of park. Southern Access, Moawhango riverhead, Little Waipakihi streamhead (N. Singers and S. Lund 1/2002;). 6. Northern parts of park, red and silver beech forest (S. Lund 2002). File size 142KB
    Author: Sofia Lund - compiler
    Date: [Unknown]
  30. Description: Plant checklist for Omori Scenic Reserve and Graces Scenic Reserve. File size 18KB
    Author: Nick Singers
    Date: [Unknown]
  31. Description: Plant checklist for Motuoapa Bay. File size 23KB
    Author: Clive Howard-Williams
    Date: [Unknown]
  32. Description: Plant checklist for Manganui-o-te-Ao River margins. File size 245KB
    Author: Nick Singers
    Date: [Unknown]
  33. Description: Plant checklist for Mangakowhiriwhiri Stream. File size 18KB
    Author: Barry Spring-Rice and N.J.D.Singers
    Date: [Unknown]
  34. Description: Plant checklist for Mangaehuehu Stream Wetland. File size 25KB
    Author: N. Singers
    Date: [Unknown]
  35. Description: Plant checklist for Mangaehuehu Scenic Reserve. File size 30KB
    Author: R. Whyman
    Date: 1 Mar 2001
  36. Description: Liverwort checklist for Mangawhero. File size 11KB
    Author: J. Braggins
    Date: [Unknown]
  37. Description: Plant checklist for Lake Taupo Reserves, including the Kawakawa Bay walk reserves (Whangamata stream S.R, Okaia Stream S.R, Otakatake Stream Scenic Reserve and Kawakawa Bay S.R. NZMS 260. Grid ref. T18 605783), Whakaipo Headland Reserves NZMS 260. Grid ref. T18635745, Waikino Scenic Reserve NZMS 260. Grid ref. T18 475675, Waihaha Scenic Reserve and Waihaha Maori Trust Land NZMS 260. Grid ref. T18 480724. File size 47KB
    Author: N. Singers and R. Whyman
    Date: [Unknown]
  38. Description: Plant checklist Kaimanawa Forest Park. File size 38KB
    Author: N. Singers and S. Deverell
    Date: [Unknown]
  39. Description: Plant checklist Hukapapa stewardship area. File size 27KB
    Author: R. Whyman
    Date: 1 Mar 2001
  40. Description: Plant checklist Erua wetland, riparian forest and scarp, part of Erua Conservation Area. File size 105 KB
    Author: Ecroyd, Bergin, Ogle and Singers
    Date: [Unknown]
  41. Description: Plant checklist for Erua Conservation Area and Mangamingi stream. File size 29KB
    Author: Nick Singers
    Date: 1 Mar 1998
  42. Description: Plant checklist for Ecology Stream Ecological Area. File size 23KB
    Author: S. Deverell
    Date: 1 Mar 2000
  43. Description: Plant checklist for Eastern side of Tongariro forest Park. File size 135KB
    Author: Robyn Whyman
    Date: 1 Sep 2001
  44. Description: Plant checklist for Dillon Road Bush. File size 21KB
    Author: Nicholas Singers and Bridgette Moffat
    Date: 1 Dec 2007
  45. Description: Plant checklist for Covenants east of Waitahanui River. File size 38KB
    Author: R. Whyman
    Date: [Unknown]
  46. Description: Plant checklist for the Andestic volcanoes, Pihanga, Tihia, Kakaramea and Maungaku, SW of Lake Taupo. File size 60KB.
    Author: Sofia Lund
    Date: [Unknown]
  47. Description: Plant Checklist for White Pine Bush Scenic Reserve, north of Napier. File Size: 21kb
    Author: Mike Thorsen
    Date: 1 Nov 2002
  48. Description: Plant Checklist for Waitere. Hawke's Bay. File Size: 304kb
    Author: Survey Unit and S.R. June and A.G. Shipp (Lands and Survey)
    Date: [Unknown]
  49. Description: Plant Checklist for Tangoio Scenic Reserve, File Size: 263kb
    Author: Unknown
    Date: [Unknown]
  50. Description: Plant Checklist for Sentry Box Scenic Reserve. File Size: 56kb
    Author: Bec Stanley & Kay Griffiths
    Date: 1 Aug 2002