There are many sources of funding available to people involved in plant conservation. Please tell us if you know of other funding sources that we have not included here ( ).

Biodiversity Condition and Advice Fund

This is a government initiative to enhance management of indigenous biodiversity outside public conservation lands. This includes areas of native vegetation, wetlands, and the habitats of native fish, birds and other species. Foreshore (the area between low and high watermark) and Crown-owned coastal marine areas are also excluded from funding by the Biodiversity Funds. Download forms or email this address for more information

Nature Heritage Fund

The Nature Heritage Fund is a contestable Ministerial fund that was established in 1990 to help achieve the objectives of the Indigenous Forest Policy. In 1998 the scope of the fund was widened to include non-forest ecosystems.

The purpose of the fund is to protect indigenous ecosystems that represent the full range of natural diversity originally present in the New Zealand landscape by providing incentives for voluntary conservation. Download more information.

Lottery Environment and Heritage Fund - Department of Internal Affairs

Lottery Environment and Heritage funds clearly specified one off projects which seek to promote, protect and conserve New Zealand's indigenous flora and fauna. Priority is given to projects which involve: conservation of indigenous flora and fauna, identification and conservation of critical habitats and ecosystems, conservation of rare, endangered or threatened species in their natural habitat and enhancement of public education and awareness of issues affecting indigenous flora and fauna. Download more information.

Sustainable Management Fund - Ministry for the Environment

The purpose of the Sustainable Management Fund (SMF) is to support community groups, iwi, businesses and local government in taking practical actions that produce long-term environmental benefits. The funds objectives are to make a difference to the environment by funding projects that: support the Ministry's priorities; encourage pro-active partnerships; promote community action. Projects that can demonstrate a contribution to one or more of the key priorities listed below will be viewed favourably in the assessment process: encouraging sustainable households; sustainable land and water management; supporting sustainable business practices; meeting the challenges of climate change. Download forms or obtain more information

Sustainable Farming Fund - Ministry for Primary Industries

The purpose of the MAF Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) is to improve the financial and environmental performance of New Zealand's productive land-based sectors. It does this by supporting projects that are: based around solving problems, or taking up opportunities, related to sustainable resource use; and defined and driven by a farmer, grower or forester-led "Community of Interest" - groups of stakeholders drawn together by the common problem(s) or opportunity. Download more information.

ASB Community Trust

To help organisations carrying on charitiable, cultural, philanthropic and recreational work which is of benefit to the people of Northland and Auckland. Download forms and send to: The Manager ASB Trusts PO Box 68-048 Newton AUCKLAND

Auckland City Council - Natural Area Conservation Grant

To provide grants for conservation projects on private land in the Hauraki Gulf. Download forms and send to: The Heritage Fund Auckland City Council Private Bag 92516 Wellesley St AUCKLAND 1

Keep Waitakere Beautiful

To support greening projects, cleaning projects, celebratory events, community projects, education, school projects that are aimed at Keeping Waitakere Beautiful. Download information

Waitakere City Council - Green Network Community Assistance & General Environmental Support

To support community projects that improve the natural environment of the city on private and public land. Contact: Infoline Waitakere City Council Private Bag 93 109 Waitakere City or download this information pamphlet.

Environment Canterbury Biodiversity Fund

The Environment Canterbury Biodiversity Fund has approximately $400,000 per year to support on the ground actions to protect and restore the region's biodiversity. You can learn more about this fund here.

This page last updated on 27 Feb 2015