Conference Speakers

The following speakers have been confirmed for the 2015 conference (a detailed schedule can be downloaded here):

Early Plant Conservation in New Zealand 

Sir Alan Mark (Otago University) - Tane Ngahere Lecture:  Conservation of the South Island high country: past, present and future

Rob McGowan (Nga Whenua Rahui) - What do plants used for rongoa (traditional Maori medicine) tell us about the health and state of New Zealand’s natural world?

John P Adam (Endangered Gardens) - An ecological historiography of the Auckland Domain ti-tree grove 1860-1930

Unique Southern Flora

John Barkla (Department of Conservation) - Living on the edge - challenges of finding and conserving lowland Olearia species

Brian Rance (Department of Conservation) - The flora, vegetation and ecology of the Antipodes Island.

Peter Heenan (Landcare Research) - Patterns and types of endemism in the NZ flora

Catherine Kirby (University of Waikato) - Getting off the ground - an update on epiphyte research and engagement

Brian Patrick (Wildlands Consultants) - What our butterflies tell us about our indigenous flora

Grassroots Plant Conservation

Anita Benbrook  (Wellington City Council) - Enhancing support for community groups to ensure the right conservation outcome – a Wellington case study

Craig Wilson (Department of Conservation) - Greening the brown – revegetation in the drylands of Central Otago

Max Crowe (Oamaru Community Nursery) - Free trees! The story (so far) of the Waitaki Community Nursery.

Glen Riley (Sinclair Wetlands Trust) - Up to my ears with volunteers - the impact of voluntourism

Jeremy Rolfe (Department of Conservation) - Assessing the conservation status of plants at regional scales within New Zealand

Threatened Plant Research

Alex Fergus and Kelly Frogley (Department of Conservation) - How non-vascular species data from Department of Conservation’s national biodiversity monitoring system can improve our knowledge base and inform threat listing processes

Debra Wotton (Moa's Ark) - Seed longevity, germination and dispersal of the threatened shrub Muehlenbeckia astonii

Yu Kai (Massey University) - Changes in seed coat morphology of Clianthus species and Carmichaelia muritai with desiccation to ultradry moisture contents

Jessie Prebble (Massey University) - When delimiting species has conservation implications; how many species in the Myosotis pygmaea group?

Sarah Beadel (Wildlands Consultants) - Our special geothermal flora and management of threats

Native Plant Protection

Marie Brown (Environmental Defense Society) - The fate of our flora: making policy work for plants

Rob Wardle (QEII National Trust) - The ‘Mahu Whenua’ Covenants – where philanthropy meets the landscape

Paula Warren (Department of Conservation) - Recent and planned changes in the law as it relates to plant conservation.

The Next Generation of Plant Conservationists

Jenie Upton (Enviroschools) - Enviroschools - Growing young conservationists

Tim Logan (Independent) - Perspectives of a young plant conservationist: Our battle for biodiversity

Jane Gosden (Department of Conservation) - Botanical opportunities in Department of Conservation's National Biodiversity Monitoring Programme

Esther Dale  (University of Otago) - Seabirds, salt and soaking: Seed dispersal and germination of Cook's scurvy grass

Sarah Wright (University of Canterbury) - Connecting the dots: The conservation genetics of Pittosporum obcordatum, a rare divaricating shrub.

Working With Natives

Laura Young (University of Canterbury) - Native biodiversity and farming - are win-win outcomes possible on sheep and beef farms?

Matt Ward (Restore) - Eco-sourcing in practice - supplying the seed

Arne Cleland (Pukerau Nursery) - Built southern tough: Getting native plants back onto farms

Emma Bodley (Auckland Botanic Gardens) - Botanic Gardens' role in plant conservation

Philip Smith (O2 Landscapes) - Tangible connections

Building Networks and Partnerships

Pieter Pelser and Julie Barcelona (University of Canterbury) - Co’s Digital Flora of the Philippines - discovery through photography

Craig McGill (NZ Indigenous Flora Seedbank) - The New Zealand Indigenous Flora Seed Bank: Future-proofing our biodiversity through collaboration

Dr Justin Maxwell (University of Otago) - A collaborative project to conserve the remaining culturally significant broad leaved forests on Rēkohu (Chatham Island).

Jo Lynch (Australian Network for Plant Conservation) - Protecting Australian Flora

Tom Myers (Dunedin Botanic Gardens) -  The role of botanic gardens in research on native plants, with examples from Dunedin

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