Conference speakers

The following speakers are now confirmed, to see the draft programme click here:

Keynote speakers:

Dame Anne Salmond (University of Auckland) -  New Zealander of the Year 2012 – Rivers, plants and networks

Dr Peter Heenan (Landcare Research) - Tane Ngahere Lecture: Discovery and description of the New Zealand flora ….. more than just a name

Professor Dave Kelly (Canterbury University) - The importance of species interactions for plant conservation

Dr Leon Perrie (Te Papa Tongarewa)- Native plants outside their natural range

Dr Mike Wilcox (Auckland)
- Auckland’s Remarkable Urban Forest

Michael Way (Millennium Seed Bank, UK) - Ex situ conservation in a changing world: the Millennium Seed Bank partnership

Defining, Understand and banking our biota

Steve Wagstaff (Landcare Research) - Species coalescence in the Marlborough rock daisies (Pachystegia, Asteraceae): an endemic genus from New Zealand

Dr Ilse Breitwieser (Landcare Research) - The next generation of NZ Floras

Dr Rob Smissen (Landcare Research) - Progress toward the delimitation of species in New Zealand Craspedia

Zoe Stone (Auckland University) - The importance of plant phenology in understanding flora-fauna interactions

Debra Wotton - Why are some plant species rare? A search for mechanisms

Jane Gosden (Department of Conservation) - What prevents hybridisation in Celmisia?

Brenda Osborne, John Sawyer and Karlene Hill (Auckland Council) - Using Ecosystem Classification To Better Understand Auckland’s Ecosystems

Rob Kennedy - Science for conservation: kahikatea dendrochonology

Laura Young (University of Canterbury) - Understanding the flora of the University of Canterbury’s Cass Mountain Research Area

Jane Gosden (University of Canterbury) - What prevents hybridisation in Celmisia?

Weedy natives - friend or foe?

Dr Carolyn Lundquist (NIWA) - Can we turn back the clock? Managing mangrove expansion in northern New Zealand

Geoff Walls (Canterbury) - Feral pohutukawa and other island stories

Claire Webb (Auckland Council) - Mangrove management in Auckland – a balancing act

Back from the brink

Dr John Leathwick (Department of Conservation) -Prioritising the Department of Conservation's ecosystem and threatened species management

Philip Grove (Environment Canterbury) - Recovery of a population of the threatened shrub Olearia adenocarpa on Canterbury Regional Council reserve land at Rakaia Island

Jeremy Rolfe (Department of Conservation) - Update on the NZ Threat Classification System 2012 review of vascular plants

Elizabeth Heeg (QEII Trust) - Using species lists and threat information to inform management of conservation covenants on private land

Cathy Jones (Nelson) and Jan Clayton-Greene (Department of Conservation) - Update on saving an ephemeral wetland and its threatened plants

Dr Dave Glenny (Landcare Research) - Current threats to bryophytes from coal mining industry

Dr Melissa Hutchison (Wildland Consultants) - Back from the dead: the rediscovery of Pittosporum obcordatum on Banks Peninsula after 170 years of local extinction

Lisa Forester (Northland Regional Council) - Northland Coastal Dune Lakes – rare treasures worth protecting

Esther Dale (Auckland University) - Cook’s scurvy grass (Lepidium oleraceum s.s.): current threats and the importance of seabirds

Joy Comrie (Department of Conservation) and Alice Shanks (QEII) - Managing a hotdot – limited options when numbers get very low

The Urban Native plant oasis

Dr Dave Galloway, Rick Kooperberg and Janet Ledingham - Urban lichens in New Zealand: a forgotten resources

Victor Anton  (Victoria University) - Seedling survival in forest revegetation projects within Wellington City

Friederike Behrens - Ecological tree selection for urban street and park trees

Hugo Baynes (Auckland Zoo) - Auckland zoo’s contribution to the native plant oasis

Philip Smith (O2 Landscapes) - Under the radar: realising the potential of rare species for landscape design

Beyond the converted

Geoff Davidson (Oratia Nursery) - Are we there yet? We have barely started

John Barkla (Department of Conservation) - Project Gold – Celebrating and cherishing kowhai

What price conservation?

Marie Brown (University of Waikato) - Compensating for ecological harm - implications for the New Zealand flora

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