Plant distribution database

This flora mapping system provides plant species distribution data for all of New Zealand and has close to 2.5 million plant distribution records. You can search for species distributions or for site data.

This project was made possible thanks to sponsorship from the Department of Conservation, the support of Graeme Jane (who provided his national plant list database to be a core part of this on-line system), to Landcare Research who kindly provided data from the National Vegetation Survey database and to Network members recording thousands of plant observations (including flowering and fruiting occurrences) over the past few years. Approximate degrees of accuracy for each type of data are provided on the system and in the meantime we recommend field checking data to confirm occurrences.

If you would like to add to this database then log in as a member and start recording using the "Record an observation" link on the right hand side of a species details page. Alternatively, read more about phenology recording here:

Important to note: There are likely to be some errors in the data as few observations are supported by herbarium specimens. Please help us correct mistakes due to observer error (when the observation was first made) or due to errors in data entry when the records were added to the on-line system. In some cases observations are listed as "Wild" when in fact they are clearly "Cultivated" as they are outside of the species’ known natural range. Please use the feedback button to tell us of errors and we will work to correct them. Our goal is to crowd-source Network member knowledge to improve the accuracy of this system over the coming years.

This page last updated on 2 Sep 2013