Ferns and their relatives

The following list of ferns can be readily grown in New Zealand gardens:

Adiantum diaphanum (delicate maindenhair fern)
Tolerates shade but not frost; a charming species for shaded sites. Use for ground cover or woodlands.



Adiantum hispidulum (rosy maidenhair fern)
Tolerates shade, salt, some wind, sun and medium frost. Use as a groundcover or in woodland or rocky places. Good for open sunny sites.

Asplenium bulbiferum (hen and chicken fern)
Tolerates shade and likes shelter. Use in a container, conservatory or woodland.



Asplenium flaccidum (hanging spleenwort)
Tolerates shade and likes shelter. Use in a conservatory or grow as epiphyte on trees in woodland.


Blechnum discolor
(crown fern)
A hardy fern that tolerates most conditions. Use as a tall ground cover, in a container or in conservatory.


Blechnum penna-marina subsp. alpina
(creeping hard fern)

Hardy fern that tolerates most conditions. Use as a groundcover, in a rockery or woodland. Forms mats of erect fronds.

Cardiomanes reniforme
(kidney fern)
Tolerates dense shade and is used in a woodland as a feature plant.

Cyathea dealbata
(silver fern)
Tolerates some wind, Use as an architectural plant in gardens.

Cyathea medullaris
(black tree fern)

Can be affected by frost but can make a great specimen plant beside water or in a larger garden.

Cyathea smithii
(soft tree fern)

Hardy tree fern but becomes ragged when exposed to wind.

Davallia tasmani
subsp. tasmanii (Three Kings davallia)

Semi-hardy fern that tolerates most conditions. Use in container, as a groundcover or on sheltered banks or in a conservatory.

Dicksonia squarrosa

Very hardy tree fern. Widely used in gardens an in 'punga' fences.

australis (rasp fern)
Hardy fern used as a ground cover and on rock walls.

Lastreopsis velutina
(velvet fern)
Tolerates salt and shade and prefers shelter. Used in woodlands, as a ground cover or in the conservatory.

Leptopteris superba (Prince of Wales fern)
Tolerates deep shade and wet soils. Used in woodlands or in the conservatory but needs to be sheltered and shaded and must be kept constantly moist.

Microsorium pustulatum subsp. pustulatum
hound's tongue fern)

Very hardy fern used as a ground cover, on rock walls.

Pellaea rotundifolia
(button fern)

Hardy fern that can be used in a container, on rock walls or rockery. Common as a house plant or outside in light shade.

vestitum (shield fern)

Very hardy fern used in woodlands, in a container or on a rockery.

Rumohra adiantiformis

Tolerates wind and salt and used in a container and on rock walls.

Sticherus cunninghamii
(umbrella fern)

Tolerates most conditions and can be used as a ground cover or in a container.

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