Climbing and scrambling plants

The following list of climbers and scrambling plants can be readily grown in New Zealand gardens:

Blechnum filiforme (thread fern)
Tolerates shade and may be used in shrubbery, woodlands or for trellising. One of NZ's few climbing ferns.

Carmichaelia kirkii
(climbing broom)

Likes full sun and may be used in open hedging, shrubbery, trellis. Would be attractive on a pergola.


Clematis afoliata (leafless clematis)
A very hardy plant and suitable for rocky sites.

Clematis marmoria

A non-climbing species best suited to a rockery or container.

Clematis foetida
A hard plant and useful as a garden climber.

Clematis paniculata
(puawhananga, white clematis)
A hardy vine for woodland areas.

Helichrysum dimorphum
(scambling daisy)

A hardy plant that tolerates most conditions. May be used in a rockery, stony places, in a shrubbery or as a specimen plant.

Parsonsia capsularis var capsularis or Parsonsia heterophylla (New Zealand jasmine)
Tolerates most conditions especially sun and may be used as a specimen plant or in rocky sites.

Rubus cissoides

Hardy to most conditions. May be used as a ground cover or in a woodland.

Tetragonia implexicoma 
(New Zealand spinach)
Tolerates harsh conditions including salt. May be used in a rockery or a conservatory.

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