New Zealand's Flora

Arthropodium-cirratum-03[1].jpgArthropodium cirratum (rengarenga lily) in cultivation, Stokes Valley. Photo: Jeremy Rolfe. 

Information is provided here about New Zealand's flora (including vascular plants, mosses, lichens and liverworts) and fungi. These are the native and exotic species that occur within the New Zealand Botanic Region which is defined in Flora of New Zealand Volume 1 by H.H. Allan (1961) as consisting of the islands lying within 29-55 degrees South latitude and 158 degrees East - 176 degrees West longitude (except Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island). More information about exotic plants may be found under Threats.

Follow the links below if you would like to make phenology recordings, submit a plant photo for identification, retrieve information about plant identification or to record your own observations:

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