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  1. Passiflora tetrandra (Kohia) germination advice

  2. Looking for advice on getting Kohia to germinate. In two previous years I've tried but with no success. I've used commercial seed raising mix, some seed lightly buried & some on the surface. This was placed under diffused glass outside in my propagation box & kept moist, some planted just after collection & some in early spring.
    I've just collected some more seed in cases that have fallen to the ground. Any suggestions on technique or necessary seed treatment and planting time appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Hi Malcolm,
    There would normally be no problem getting it to germinate. Grow in average garden conditions (cool root run, reasonable drainage, not too exposed, average sun and moisture). Easy from ripe seed (before the rats and birds have reached it). Information taken from Gardening with New Zealand Plants, Shrubs & Trees by Fisher, Satchell & Watkins (publ. Collins). At home years ago, plants would self seed and come up in the ground or may have been bird dispersed. Moist topsoil, reasonable light. No problems... Keep trying!

  4. Thanks Andrew.
    I'll keep trying. I've also now found a suggestion that the flesh of the fruit acts as a germination inhibitor and washing it off may help. Mimicking passing through a birds gut, so will try that on some seeds.

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