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  1. Pennantia baylisiana flower

  2. Hi. 6 broccoline flower bunches on P baylisiana. My back yard, Auckland. The first time it's flowered in more than a decade. I feel like I should DO something. P corymbosa nearby, juvenile, not flowering but will have to go sometime soon, sadly. Other than that, is there anything I should do or look out for?

  3. Perhaps importantly, this plant was obtained from Geoff Davidson, Oratia natives.

  4. I recon you should see if the flowers set fruit, then if they do try growing them. This plant is so rare that any progeny would be awesome to get back to the 3 kings...

  5. Pot up the juvenile and once established ask if somebody wants it on this website - there probably will be some interest :-)

  6. I'll try to salvage the P. corymbosa to transportability. Breaks a little heart though as it was a gift from the Mortons after John Morton's death. That's Morton of Morton & Miller & Morton of making my life brilliant hell in Marine Biology and stuff. Awwhttp://www. S'pose I gotta, and better sooner than later. I'll cope. Tis best thing to do and no doubt John Morton would agree. Thanks for the advice.

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