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  1. Gingidia enysii var. spathulatum

  2. I was looking at the "NZ species of Gingidium" by JW Dawson
    To cite this article: J. W. Dawson (1967) The New Zealand species of Gingidium (Umbelliferae),
    New Zealand Journal of Botany, 5:1, 84-116, DOI: 10.1080/0028825X.1967.10428736

    to try and identify this plant I photographed in the Cromwell (Clutha) Basin and it most seemed like Gingidium ensyii var. spathulatum.

  3. Hi Barbara - this is an Erodium, probably E. cicutarium not a Gingida. next time you are out and about looking brush the leaves of a suspected Gingidia - it will smell 'carroty with a hint of aniseed'.

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